By Tim Houghton-GibsonThe Raiders have announced a new $1.9bn stadium project, and they’re hoping it will be a success.

The Raiders announced their plans for the proposed $1bn stadium in the Lubbocks suburb of Carson on Tuesday.

The announcement comes after a review of the city and county planning laws, which have led to several delays in the project.

The proposed $500m stadium will be built on a 30-acre site on the outskirts of Lubbocking.

The site will have a stadium, football field, and community gathering area.

The stadium is also expected to have an entertainment precinct.

Lubbock mayor Mike Miller said the Raiders plan to build the stadium on public land “provides a blueprint for a sustainable, economically viable, and environmentally sound stadium”.

The new stadium will house a 50,000 capacity football stadium and an amphitheatre.

Lakers fans have expressed concern about the proposed stadium and the potential impact it will have on the city.

The Lubbocker City Council is considering a petition to have the Raiders move out of Lacoa, a town on the west side of Lecompton, in the area where Carson City is located.

Council member Jim Davis, who lives near the site, said the stadium was a “huge, massive project that will cost the taxpayers money” and that he was worried about the impact on the Lecoms population.

The council’s planning committee is set to discuss the petition on Tuesday at 7pm.