A new study says most car rental companies don’t provide clear and accurate information on the cost of their cars, which can make it hard for consumers to make informed choices.

The study by InsuranceQuotes.ca, a national business database, found that car rental company Carrentals Canada has the lowest pricing on rental cars, at $8.99 per day.

However, they are more expensive than many car rental agencies, which typically charge $6.49 per day per car, or $12.60 per month.

The study, which examined more than 5,000 rental car deals in British Columbia, found there were many car rentals that advertised more than one car per deal.

“We found that many of the deals advertised more vehicles than were actually available, and that they may be more expensive because of the additional costs they impose on their drivers,” said insurance quote expert and insurance broker Scott Smith.

The company also offered discounts for some customers, which may not always be advertised.

For example, Carrental Canada offered $7.89 per day off a first car, $10 off a second car and $10 per day on a third car.

The company also charged $1.69 for a second, $1 for a third and $2.29 for a fourth.

“The company offers a lot of deals that are only for a limited time, and it’s not always obvious which of these offers will offer the most bang for your buck,” Smith said.

The cheapest rental car, the most expensive, and the least desirable all have the same price: $899.

The highest rental car price was the least expensive: $1188.

Smith said the study also showed that many car owners don’t understand the value of their rental car.

“They think that their car is a luxury, but that’s not true,” Smith explained.

“Some people may think that a car is an investment vehicle, but it’s actually a vehicle that they can drive around on a monthly basis, and they may end up spending more money on it than they should.”

Smith said he believes car rental car prices can be negotiated.

“I’m a big believer in the concept of car rental and the price you can negotiate,” he said.

“It’s the cost to you, and you’re responsible for that.”

Car rentals are available in B.C. for $6 a day.

It’s also available in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Yellowknife.