The best car renting company in the country, according to the latest survey by the Australian Car Rental Industry Association.

It comes after the survey of nearly 1,000 car rental companies across the country by the national rental agency found only a handful of companies were “up to scratch” in terms of car rental experience.

“In the last year, the industry has had a huge amount of positive momentum,” Dr Brian Chivers, CEO of the Association, said.

“We’ve seen the uptake of new car rental technologies like car rental kiosks and car rental apps and we’re seeing a lot more people taking advantage of those.”

Mr Chivers said the association was hopeful the survey would lead to a new set of laws, and a new level of awareness about car rental services.

“If there are laws in place that recognise the importance of car rentals, and the fact that people can’t get stuck in traffic on a Sunday afternoon, that would be a huge change,” he said.

In the survey, of the top 25 rental companies, only six of them were “not at the top of the list”.

One of those companies was kia, with the top spot for the fourth year running.

The association said it hoped the results of the survey were a wake-up call for other companies to reflect on their experience of car renting in Australia.

“It shows the importance for companies to be aware of how their business is being represented,” Mr Chiver said.

The survey also found the number of people who had a car in their home increased by 20 per cent in the last 12 months.

The increase was driven by a number of factors, including a significant increase in the number renting a car, and people wanting to rent a car.

“The survey also revealed that Australians want to own and drive their own car, but they’re still a minority,” Dr Chivers added.