A new rental car rental company is hoping to change that, offering customers a chance to get rid of their lease and return the car to its original owner.

RentRite announced a partnership with car rental and delivery company Lola, who has been leasing out vehicles for the past year, as well as car rental companies on the West Coast.

The company said the agreement allows customers to “remove a car and return it to its former owner, with no additional charge.”

“The partnership has been successful because it’s a one-stop shop for renters to take their vehicles for free,” RentRite’s Ryan Hennard said.

The company is offering customers free rental car vouchers to get their vehicles back.

“We have seen the benefits in the community with the Lola team,” RentReqia CEO Jeff Toth said.

“They have a good reputation and have been great partners with Lola.”

The Lola deal is part of a nationwide pilot program by RentRities that has been testing the service with hundreds of cars.

RentRites CEO Jeff Loomis said the service is being used by “millions” of renters nationwide.

“The benefits for the consumer are tremendous, and they are getting the rental car back and then they are going back to the rental dealership to do the repair,” he said.

Lola has been selling cars to renters since 2005.

The rental company has been expanding its service since then, including allowing renters to rent out vehicles and leasing out its own cars.

Rental car leasing has been a lucrative business for Lola and its co-founder.

It currently has a fleet of around 1,200 vehicles, which are used by thousands of renters, according to RentRac.

The service is also offered to those who lease their cars to people from out of state.