The next big ride-hailing company is expected to start in Las Vegas this week, with the city and state announcing a partnership to allow its drivers to earn an extra $5 an hour on the way to work.

Uber, which operates in over 170 cities and states, announced plans to open its first office in Las Venegas earlier this month.

The company, founded in 2015 by former Uber driver and investor Emil Michael, announced its partnership with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval earlier this year.

“Uber is the next big thing,” Sandoval told a news conference at the time.

“And we’re bringing our best talent, our best drivers and our best customer service to Las Vegas.”

Nevada Governor Brian Sands also joined the ride-sharing company earlier this week.

He says Uber is bringing its best talent and its best drivers to the state.

Sandoval says Nevada has an opportunity to be the next Silicon Valley, the next Los Angeles, the future of America.

“Uber is a company with a huge amount of potential,” Sands said, adding that Uber is currently hiring “many, many” new drivers and that they’ll be “the backbone” of the company.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman told reporters Wednesday that she expects the Uber partnership to “add thousands” of new jobs in Las Vega and the surrounding area.

“It’s a huge investment,” she said.

“We’ve got to make sure it’s going to create jobs here, not just to be here but to be in the community.”

The announcement comes amid a nationwide wave of car rental and delivery companies that have shut down their operations in recent years.

The surge in shuttered services has resulted in the shuttering of dozens of ride-share services in some areas, including Washington, D.C., Seattle and Austin.

Some drivers in Las Cruces said they were disappointed that Uber would be taking over their business.

“They’re taking my business,” said Travis Bledsoe, who owns a delivery service in Las Chicas.

“I feel like they took everything away from me.”

Bledsoen said that the company was not offering him enough money, and that he doesn’t believe he should be making more money than he does.

“I’m the most talented guy in town, and they’re taking everything away,” he said.

Bled soe said that he’s not sure if he will be able to continue driving his own company if Uber shut down.

Uber says it will pay his drivers $5.25 an hour, and Bled soes current pay is just $5,000 a month.

Uber has not announced an official statement on its partnership announcement.

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