It may be a month from now, but the future of car rental apps looks bright for consumers.

A new service from Amazon car rental app Amazon CarRental that allows customers to rent cars from Amazon’s warehouses is coming soon, according to a report by The Verge.

That’s a big deal for the industry, since many of its drivers have been working on new cars for years.

The app has been a boon for drivers, as the company has become a huge driver of car rentals for drivers around the world.

With the Amazon Car rental app, drivers can access their car’s data and view the rental car’s owner’s location, and then pay a monthly fee to rent the car.

The car’s price, and the monthly fee, will depend on the vehicle’s weight.

If a car is too heavy to rent, a customer can just pay a $1.99 monthly fee.

If the car is small enough to rent with a driver, Amazon will pay $0.99 per month for each car rental, with a minimum of 10 cars being offered.

The cars can be rented in any state, or can be bought with cash.

The service is expected to launch later this year, though no price has been announced.

Amazon also recently launched its own online rental car marketplace, called Rental Car Finder.

Amazon has been ramping up its car rental service, as it has become more popular than car rental sites like Hertz.

That has driven a lot of car owners to the Amazon car-rental app.

Now that Amazon Car rentals are being more widely available, the company hopes that its app will drive more people to its platform.