Recode: Uber is making the new app it’s developing for car rental a big deal.

Uber is partnering with the Sesame Street car rental chain, and it has now launched its new app, SFO Car Rental.

The app lets people rent cars online and pick them up from their cars when they’re out of town, while also letting you pay a small fee for the use of the app.

The app is being rolled out on Android and iOS, and you can try it out right now at Uber SFO Car Rentals to see if it’s the perfect fit for you.

You can also sign up to try it right now by going to the Uber Sfo Car Rental app or on the Uber app .

Uber has been working on its new SFO car rental app, which lets people use its own app to book rides for their cars.

The company has partnered with Sesame Workshop to develop the app and is calling the launch of it a big “event.”

The app lets you rent cars from any car rental company you like, and allows you to pay a $10 fee for each car you rent.

This new app will allow users to book car rentals with the ease of using a smartphone app, and then the app will automatically find the best rental company.

The new app also lets users book car rides using their smartphone, and Uber will send a confirmation email when they book the car, allowing them to rent the car right away.

If you’re a car rental agency, this could be the perfect time to make your own car rental apps.

While car rental agencies typically only make money when people rent their cars, Uber has the potential to create new revenue streams that will help them keep their clients.

And car rental companies like Sesame will be able to earn even more money.

Uber has partnered up with SFO to create the new Sfo Car Rrentals app.

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