Cars and cars are the most popular vehicle for car rental in Europe.

But what about car rentals for those who want to own their own?

A new report says that for many of these customers, it’s not just about the car, it is also about their privacy.

In Europe, cars and cars can be rented on the same terms as most other types of property.

This is because Europeans are supposed to have the same level of privacy in their homes as Americans.

And since cars are generally considered more private than houses, cars in Europe are typically rented at a lower rate than houses.

So it makes sense that there is more interest in renting a car than renting a house.

In the U.S., cars and houses are typically sold for higher prices, while cars are typically considered less expensive.

But the situation isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

Europe’s car rental companies often rent cars in pairs or groupings, where each person rents a car for a time period, and then resells it to the next person.

The cars can then be rented again, with a slightly higher price.

This allows the people renting the cars to resell them at a much higher rate.

This means that, if you are a car rental company in Europe, you might have to worry about your privacy.

The new report, “Car Rental Services in Europe: A Consumer-Based Approach,” analyzed data from 15 car rental services and found that over a five-year period, people in the European Union were significantly more likely to rent their car than those in the U