Aussie car rental site CheapoAir has announced it will be shutting down on December 31.

The company said it was forced to suspend operations after an external audit revealed its website was riddled with security holes.

The site was also found to have broken its terms and conditions of use, leaving customers unable to access the service.

The online rental platform, which has more than 4 million users, said it would offer customers the option to purchase their cars outright from the company or to rent them through the company’s “cheapo” payment system.

Cheapoair was founded by former US Air Force intelligence officer Ryan Goss, who has since sold the company.

Mr Goss has since launched, which is the world’s biggest car rental website.

The website was launched in 2013.

“CheapoAir, and the Cheapo team at Cheapo AutoRental, have a long and proud history in the automotive industry and we will be making this transition with gusto,” Cheapo founder and CEO Michael Korn said in a statement.

Cheapo was founded in 2013 by former American Air Force Intelligence officer Ryan Korn. “

Our goal has always been to offer our customers a platform to get the most out of their investment and we are very excited to be able to offer this service to our customers.”

Cheapo was founded in 2013 by former American Air Force Intelligence officer Ryan Korn.

Photo: Getty Images The Cheapo auto rental website was previously known as and had been run by former Air Force spy Ryan K. Goss since 2014.

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