Donald Trump has already been indicted twice for fraud and a federal grand jury investigation into his tax-evasion scheme continues to grind.

But the real estate tycoon is still at it.

Here are just a few of the most outrageous and egregious things that the president has committed.1.

His ‘conversion therapy’ therapy2.

He signed a law that allows him to ‘pay the rent’ to people who are not ‘in need’3.

He banned a local news station from a White House press briefing on his ‘convertibles’4.

He said he would never stop ‘converting’ people to Christianity, even if it means they commit ‘crimes against the state.’5.

He used his pardon powers to pardon three individuals who were convicted of crimes against the American public.

The pardons have now been blocked by a federal judge.6.

He refused to answer questions from a group of journalists about his pardons, even as they were being investigated by the FBI.7.

He told a female journalist who asked about his pardon power to ‘f*** off’.8.

He called a retired lieutenant general, Robert Kagan, a ‘wacky’ man who ‘didn’t care’ about ‘our country’s safety’9.

He has used the pardon power multiple times to pardon convicted felons who committed crimes against American citizens.10.

He pardoned three of his campaign donors who have long ties to Russia.11.

He asked a federal court to delay the sentencing of an alleged murderer for 10 years, saying the man’s sentencing ‘could interfere with my campaign’.12.

He fired two of his top aides for telling a TV interviewer he had ‘no plans’ to run for president again.13.

He denied the allegations that he used campaign money to pay for a sex tape with a prostitute, saying he only had a ‘very limited amount’ of money.14.

He allowed a former campaign official, Anthony Scaramucci, to stay on as White House communications director despite being suspended from the job for lying about his financial ties to the Trump campaign.15.

He invited a former White House employee to his hotel room and forced him to watch a sex video in front of him.16.

He issued an executive order that allows his daughter to attend private events, but then later rescinded the order.17.

He forced the resignation of a federal prosecutor who had refused to prosecute an accused terrorist.18.

He ordered his top adviser, Stephen Bannon, to leave his post.19.

He tried to ban the release of his tax returns, but the IRS sued to block the ban.20.

He revoked the pardon of a man who was arrested on charges of murder and kidnapping.21.

He appointed a special prosecutor to investigate an alleged sexual assault by a man accused of raping and beating a 14-year-old girl.22.

He announced his ‘pardon powers’ to allow him to fire a former FBI director for ‘disrespecting’ the FBI during the investigation into the Clinton email scandal.23.

He threatened to ban all federal agencies from working with the media unless they removed a cartoon mocking him from their websites.24.

He demanded that the FBI release documents on how it handles terrorism cases, saying it could ‘violate the Constitution’.25.

He sued a journalist who questioned his decision to pardon a former colleague for being a ‘fraudster’.26.

He released a series of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim videos, including a series that showed a masked man in a Trump mask holding a rifle and calling for violence against Muslims.27.

He claimed that he was the victim of a ‘false flag’ attack.28.

He accused the media of trying to ‘dishonestly’ report on his pardoned crimes.29.

He pressured the attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate his tax and campaign debts.30.

He urged the US attorney general, Loretta Lynch, to reopen an investigation into allegations that the former president sexually assaulted and assaulted multiple women.31.

He attacked a federal appeals court for its decision to review his pardon of Joe Arpaio.32.

He promised to appoint ‘firemen’ to carry out his pardon authority.33.

He tweeted that he wanted the White House ‘to be the most transparent administration in history’.34.

He warned that the US would ‘be in big trouble’ if it did not stop paying foreign governments $1bn (£640m) to silence critics of his presidency.35.

He defended his pardon for a former Mexican president, who had been accused of human rights abuses.36.

He made a tweet suggesting he would ‘go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever.’37.

He sent out a tweet claiming that a ‘Russian spy ship’ had been ‘captured’ near the White Houses property.38.

He dismissed the allegations by