In this photo taken on Monday, Sept. 14, 2018, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Hightower, left, greets former NFL player John Carney (51) after Carney won the Pro Bowl in Tampa, Fla.

(AP Photo/Scott Strazzante)In the aftermath of the 49ers coaching staff firing, there was speculation that the team was headed toward a firing, especially after Hightowers initial firing in 2016 of offensive coordinator Greg Roman, who left the team after just three seasons.

The 49ers didn’t fire any coaches after the 2017 season, and Hightows successor, Mike Singletary, won two Super Bowls as a head coach with the San Francisco Giants.

However, McVays hiring of Harbaugh is a very different story.

McVaya hired Harbaugh after working for the Ravens, whom he worked under for three years.

He went on to win Super Bowl LI, but lost to the New England Patriots in overtime, as Harbaugh has the better record.

He is a head coaching hire that is expected to boost the team’s chances of winning a Super Bowl.

After taking over the 49ERS, Harbaugh spent two seasons as the team head coach.

Mcvay is now in his second year as head coach, and the 49er’s have won two of three playoff games since McVayan arrived.

McVay has been able to put together a roster with a number of star players.

He also added a number who will be making an impact on the field as well.

He has a team that is loaded with talent, and he is going to have to build it up from the ground up.

Mcvay had one of the biggest surprises in his coaching career when he came into the NFL with the Ravens.

He was a player that was used to the scheme and the play calling that he was used in Baltimore.

McAvay has an interesting style of coaching.

He likes to put his players in positions to win.

He plays the game to win, and is going in the direction that he believes the game is heading in the right direction.

McAvay knows that a lot of people would be skeptical of his success in Baltimore, but he has built a program that has won four playoff games in the last four seasons.

He will have to get his team to the Super Bowl if he wants to make a deep run in the playoffs.

McAVAY was asked about Harbaugh’s coaching philosophy during an interview on Monday with SiriusXM NFL Radio.

He’s a guy who likes to play defense.

He loves to have his guys know how to play on defense.

I think that’s going to be really important, but also I think he’s going in a very defensive-minded direction.

He wants to get to the quarterback as quickly as possible.

He likes to use his guys as blockers, he likes to be physical with his offensive linemen, he wants his offensive lineman to be as athletic as they can be.

I believe that that is going be very, very important, and it’s going be an interesting battle for us.

Mcavay is expected have the 49s offense on his side with a lot more speed, and I’m not sure if the offense is as good as it was last year.

Mcavay has won six Super Bowl titles with the Baltimore Ravens, and won three more during his career.

The Ravens have been without Harbaugh for most of the season because of the birth of his child.

Harbaugh is not a great coach in terms of winning games, but I do think that he has the pieces to be successful in his first year as a coach.

McKeenan’s prediction: McVayed’s defense will make a big impactThe 49ers defense has had issues over the years, but McVAY has a number other coaches that will help it.

McGuise is a veteran, veteran leader.

McKevich was a defensive coordinator in the NFL for four seasons, and has been a head football coach for the past five years.

McGusick is an excellent coach, but is also a coach that has been successful as a player.

He’s won two Pro Bowls in his four seasons in the league, and also had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super-Bowl in 2012.

McMahon is a former player that has worked with a variety of coaches.

McManus has been an offensive coordinator in Cleveland, and played for the Steelers in the 1970s.

McHightower is a man of action who is known for his scheme.

He can get his teams into the right spot quickly, and his players know how fast he is.

McLoughlin is a proven coach who is going up against the 49 and Patriots this season.

McLoughlin has been to two Super-bowls, winning the Superbowl with the Tampa Rams.

McElwain was hired by the 49 the same year as McVaiers.

He coached the 49 from 2006 to 2009