— New Haven, Connecticut, is a town of 2,000 and its people are no strangers to big spending.

But this year, New Haven is one of a handful of towns in the United States where car rental agencies are charging significantly more for a car than they normally do.

For one of those customers, a New Haven resident, it was a $2,500 car rental.

New Haven car rental company NHH Auto Group says it’s one of only two in the country with that kind of price tag.

For the last three years, it’s charged $2.90 per minute for a three-month rental in the town of about 6,000 people.

“It was expensive.

It was expensive, but we’re not charging any more,” said Mike Mazzoni, the manager of NH Auto.

He says the company has made adjustments, but that’s a cost that comes with any car rental business.

Mazzoni said the prices vary depending on which car you rent.

The rental rates were higher for a 2016 Nissan Maxima and a 2015 Honda Civic that he rented in July.

“You’ll see it with other cities, it can be more than twice the price,” Mazzino said.

Mazoni said a one-time fee of $350, but now the fee is $2 per minute.

He said he had to change out the seats in the car twice.

NH Auto says it has had to increase the rates to cover the cost of repairs, as well as more insurance premiums.

Mizam Abdirahman is a third-generation car rental driver in New Haven.

For his first three years in New Hampshire, he said he was a rental car owner.

But last year, his company, Mizam Car Rental in New Bedford, N.H., took a hit with the U.N. climate agreement.

The company said it was forced to make some costly changes to its business.

Mizammarad said the rental rates have increased, and he said it’s more expensive than it was before.

Muzamabdahman said he’s seen many cars go up in price.

The average cost of a rental in his town of 12,000 residents was $1,350 last year.

But he said his rental car has gone from $1.85 per minute to $2 and he’s been charging $1 per minute on all of his cars.

He said the company was willing to put up with some higher costs because they want customers to be happy.

“We want customers and they want us to be here,” Muzamabi said.

When I say customers, I mean people that want to come in and drive a car and they don’t want to pay a lot for the car,” Mazimi said.