A Lyft car in Dallas is now available in Austin, but the ride is not for everyone.

Lyft drivers in Texas are required to provide a driver’s license, and are also required to undergo a fingerprint check.

That fingerprint check was done by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which has a strict policy on drivers’ access to their driver’s licenses.

The fingerprinting process is only available to drivers with licenses that are valid for at least two years, according to Lyft.

Lyndsay, a Lyft driver, said that she has been driving for Lyft for over six years and has never been checked by DPS.

Lyft has since confirmed to ABC News that it has removed the fingerprint check from its website and said that its driver-assistance program was “completely changed” in May.

Lynda, another Lyft driver in Dallas, said she had a good experience with Lyft drivers, but has noticed an increase in the number of drivers refusing to provide her with a driver license.

She said she has also heard stories of drivers getting into accidents because of the fingerprinting requirement.

Lyfer, a driver in Texas, said he was surprised to find out about the fingerprint checks.

“I don’t see anything on the website,” he said.

“It’s all done by DPS.”

Lyft told ABC News in a statement that Lyft has changed its policy to make it more difficult for drivers to access their licenses and that they are working with the DPS to make the process more accessible to drivers.

Lyft also said that Lyft is working with DPS to improve fingerprinting procedures and to provide drivers with a tool to check their driver licenses.

“The new fingerprinting policies are meant to ensure that Lyft drivers are properly licensed and able to operate their vehicles in Texas,” Lyft said in a press release.

“They are also designed to help drivers provide a safe ride and avoid being stopped and detained by DPS for refusing to submit to the process.”

Lyndays insurance company told ABC that drivers are required by law to provide their drivers license, which they have since removed from its site.

Lyffi, a Dallas Lyft driver told ABC he does not know of any Lyft drivers who do not have driver’s licences.

LyFlex, the company that owns Lyft, told ABC it was aware of the changes, and said it is “working with DPS” to address the issue.

Lyflex, Lyft, and Lyft have not responded to requests for comment.

LyFT and its parent company Uber have been sued for allegedly engaging in unfair and deceptive practices in the past.

Uber has also been sued by the state of Texas for failing to provide information to drivers on how to obtain driver’s permits.

Lyford said that his fingerprint checks are still being performed by DPS, but he has not heard back from DPS on the issue yet.

Lyfts insurance company said that drivers must provide a drivers license and the fingerprint verification to get a driver permit in Texas.

Lyft told ABC the fingerprint validation is only for drivers with valid drivers licenses.