Budget car rental is a big deal for Australians.

With gas prices going up and the cost of living creeping up, car rental companies can get a little pricey.

In the last year, car hire companies have increased their prices by as much as 40 per cent, according to the Australian Council for Car Rental.

They’re also offering more than half of the rental deals at local car hire shops and some car rental agencies have closed their doors.

For example, Vax is closing a shop in Melbourne’s inner west and replacing it with a new location in Adelaide.

But, like most things, prices are likely to rise in the months ahead.

Car rental companies have been working on their strategies for this year, as prices are expected to continue to climb and competition will only grow in the coming months.

“We’re seeing more competition in terms of rental rates, which will drive up costs,” says Vax managing director Matt Gourlay.

So, how do you save money when you rent a car?

For starters, you might want to use an app or app-based booking platform.

A lot of car rental businesses have apps and booking platforms on their websites.

Vax uses a booking platform called Vaxi, which allows customers to book an appointment or make a payment online.

When you make a booking, you get a confirmation email when the car arrives, and you can book online and at a local shop.

The app allows you to book a car for up to three people, or as many as you like.

You can also set up an in-store pickup.

You can pay for your car in either cash or credit card.

If you’re looking to rent a van, the company is offering a range of options.

The company is currently in the process of testing a van rental service.

With its Vax app, you can find a car rental shop near you and pick a time to pick it up.

If you want to book your car online, you’ll have to wait for an appointment.

Then, you pick a vehicle from a large selection of rental vehicles available on Vax.

Once you book the vehicle, the van rental company will contact you and ask you to pay the rental fee, which ranges from $100 for a standard car to $500 for a luxury vehicle.

The total cost of the car rental will vary depending on the vehicle.

You’ll then receive a confirmation message.

At this point, you’re in the car, ready to take the ride.

There’s a good chance you’re going to pay a little more than what you paid when you rented your car last year.

That’s because most rental companies are still offering the same deals.

For example, if you were renting a $150,000 Mercedes Benz, you could expect to pay $1,300 a month, according, the Australian Car Renter Association.

Rental companies are also changing their terms of use to allow more flexibility.

You’re now able to book for three to four hours a day, but you’ll still need to sign a contract before you can leave the car.

Also, you may want to check out the vehicle you’re renting.

Most rental companies offer car insurance for both the rental and rental car.

If the rental company has no coverage, you will have to pay out of pocket.

However, some companies have car insurance that can be purchased online. 

You can also rent a vehicle that’s owned by the company. 

Car rental company Vax has a list of rental cars on its website that can range from a $300,000 Ferrari to a $500,000 Audi. 

A car rental company that’s looking for an experienced driver to drive their cars is called a car-sharing service.

These services typically charge a $20 deposit to rent your vehicle. 

There’s also a number of car-share companies that operate independently, such as a private rental service called Aperion.

What are some tips to save money on car rentals?

If you’re a frequent car-riding customer, you should keep your car clean and keep it on the road as much possible.

If there’s any damage or damage to the paint, you need to replace it.

You should also check the vehicle is properly registered, and if it’s not, you must pay for the damage.

Some rental companies also offer discounts if you book a rental through a third party.

These discounts usually vary depending upon the vehicle and the rental companies.

Another tip is to take advantage of the free parking available at car-rental shops.

You will have a free spot to park if you park at a car park in the same city.

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