Private car rental in South Australian cities can be pricey, with the average price of a private rental car in Adelaide currently at $1,700 a day.

It’s a far cry from the $4,000 a day that private rental companies like Carfax charge in Melbourne, and is one of the reasons many South Australians opt to stay in their own home for long periods of time.

What’s the best way to find a private ride?

With some private car rentals available in Adelaide, there are a number of ways you can get around the city, and the cheapest way to do that is by using a private bus.

There are also private hire car hire companies in Adelaide which are very affordable, and they’ll pick up and drop you off at any of the city’s many public transport hubs.

Private hire cars are popular in Adelaide’s inner west, where the population is more heavily ethnic South Australian, and private hire is also a popular way to get around South Australia’s inner cities.

Private car hire company Carfax, which operates in the Adelaide CBD, says that it will pick up people from the CBD, and drop them off at their homes for a price between $400 and $600 a day depending on the distance and the car’s condition.

You can also use the Carfax app to see if a car is available.

For a low price, you can rent a car from a private hire company, such as a private chauffeur, and have them pick you up, or you can ask for someone to pick you.

Private taxi hire In Adelaide, private taxi hire is a popular option for people who need to get from their place of work or work from home.

In Adelaide’s CBD, there’s a number car rental companies that offer private hire services, including the CarFax, the UberPOP, and Car2Go.

While these companies charge a flat rate of $150 per trip, you will have to pay for the ride yourself.

Carfax charges $250 a day for a private taxi, and UberPOT, which is based in Melbourne and operates in Adelaide as well, charges $350.

There is a private shuttle service which operates every day, and it is free for members of the public to use.

You’ll need to book your ride through a private app and then pick it up at the designated time.

Private chauffeurs You can book a private driver through the CarPass app, and you can also book one through UberPOST (which is based out of Melbourne).

The service charges $25 a day and you will need to pay $50 for the private driver, who will pick you from the Car Pass app and drop your car off at the driver’s home.

There’s also a private UberPOW service, which charges $50 a day, but is limited to a maximum of six people.

You will have the option of paying through an app or a driver.

Private taxis are also available in the CBD.

There will also be private hire taxi drivers in the city who will take you from your home, or from your workplace, from your work, or wherever you need to go.

Private bus service If you have a private vehicle, you might want to use a bus to get to your destination, or to your home.

The cheapest private bus services in Adelaide can be found in the inner west.

While the cheapest private buses are available from around the CBD at about $2,000 per day, there is also private bus service that operates in South Yarra and is a lot cheaper at $150 a day per person.

There have also been a number private hire companies offering private bus trips from Adelaide’s outer suburbs, such the South East and the North East.

Private cars There are a lot of private car hire drivers available in South Aussies inner cities, and many of them will take private car owners from their homes to the places they need to be.

Some private car companies in the suburbs will also pick up you at your work or home.

Car rental companies There are several private car renting companies in South Adelaide, and some of the best options for a local private car are those who operate in the outer suburbs of Adelaide, such Aspen, Grafton, and Goulburn.

Carpooling is also popular in the region, and there are several bus companies that will pick passengers up and drive them to the nearest bus stop.

For more information on private car booking and private driver services, check out the information below.

If you need advice on a car rental company, or are unsure of the pricing of a car hire car, you should check with a private transport provider.

UberPORT South Australia has been one of South Australia and South Australia as a whole, and so has a private-hire taxi industry.

Uberport is a new taxi and limousine service that allows you to get into a car and drive yourself to places in Adelaide that you might not be able to reach with a car.

You get a ride and pay the cost yourself,