When you’re in Boise it’s easy to miss that the city is one of the country’s fastest growing.

Boise’s population grew by 3.7% in the last year, making it the fastest growing city in the US.

Now that’s a nice growth story.

But there’s more to Boise than that, and its not all about the cars.

The city’s housing boom has brought an array of different things to Boise: people who want to live in a house, a small town, a city. 

As the economy booms, more of the housing stock in the Boise area is being built in town homes or apartments.

That’s creating a bit of a boom in affordability, which is good news for people who rent. 

In the past decade, the housing market in Boise has been booming, thanks in large part to the popularity of Airbnb, which offers short-term rentals in the city.

Airbnb has attracted many people who like to have a place to stay and a place of their own to visit, so there’s a lot of demand for homes in Boise.

Boise has the second-highest concentration of Airbnb hosts in the country, with more than 100,000 listings.

But a new study from real estate research firm Zillow found that the housing boom is still affecting prices.

The Zillower study found that housing prices in Boise in 2018 were up 9.4% over last year and 8.7%.

The number of listings was up 4.9%.

But what happens when you have the same kind of demand? 

In this scenario, a lot more people are going to be moving into the city, making prices even higher.

This is not good news, because when you add up all the housing that’s being built, the average price per square foot in Boise is up almost 5%.

And as more people move in, there’s not much room for people to rent out their properties. 

That’s why, for now, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for the prices going up. 

The new study by Zillowing found that average rents in Boise went up by 6.2% last year.

That means renters are paying about $9,000 a year more for their homes.

That means the cost of a two-bedroom home in Boise can cost $1,800 more than it did last year in the market.

The same is true for a one-bedroom apartment in Boise for an owner who’s looking for a home for the family.

It’s a big cost to pay, especially when you consider that prices are increasing at a faster rate in cities like Portland, Oregon. 

But it also means the boom in homes and apartments is slowing down, which means the price is starting to come down, too.

That could mean Boise is one step closer to being able to attract more and more people to the area, but for now it’s a bit more expensive. 

It’s possible that this is just the beginning of the market changes that are happening in Boise as the economy continues to grow.

For example, there may be some new restrictions on the number of condos that can be built in the future.

That said, it is a good sign that prices have been rising in Boise since Zillows study was published.