Arizona’s new car rental law allows for an unlimited number of car rentals, but it’s unclear how many people can get them.

Car rental companies say that’s a big problem because people can’t get cars in the state because of the new law.

But the law allows them to sell the cars at a reduced price if they meet certain criteria, including being able to afford to pay more than the normal rate.

Here’s how to find out if you qualify.

Read moreArizona law requires car rental companies to accept credit and debit cards.

The companies are also required to have cars that are at least 18 years old.

They must also maintain a fleet of at least 100 vehicles, including trucks and SUVs, and have at least three full-time drivers.

Car rental companies must also be licensed in the county in which they operate.

But the Arizona Department of Transportation has not issued a license to any of the companies, leaving the state to make its own rules.

“We are looking for an appropriate solution for those who cannot get cars at the current rate,” Arizona DOT spokeswoman Sarah Stuckey said.

Stuckey says the agency has not given a timeframe for when it will issue a license, and it is not yet clear whether the new legislation will allow for unlimited car rentals.

She also said the state’s vehicle registration fees are set to increase, but she did not provide details.

The law also creates a special car rental commission, which is supposed to negotiate a fair rate with the companies.

But that agency has been in limbo since the law was signed in June, and the commission has not filed a request for a special license.

Staci Oakes, a Phoenix attorney who represents some of the car rental agencies, said it was unclear how much the new laws would cost the companies and that it was also unclear how the agencies would pay for the vehicles once they get them in the field.

“It’s a real challenge,” she said.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen a state take this step and it doesn’t look good for the industry.

And it also means they’re not going to be able to get the cars.”

The companies that currently sell cars in Arizona are: Avis Budget Travel, which charges $250 a week for a van; Car2Go, which operates in Phoenix, Tucson, Chandler, Flagstaff and Tempe; and Car2Rental, which leases cars in Scottsdale and Tucson.

The new law is expected to take effect in the first quarter of 2019, but the Arizona Public Utility Commission (PUC) has yet to issue a permit for a new dealership.

The state has been dealing with a spike in car theft since the new rules took effect, and some drivers are saying they are concerned about how to get their cars repaired.

The Arizona Insurance Institute estimates there are at nearly 600 car theft cases in the Phoenix area, with many more involving stolen vehicles.

The theft rate is more than twice that of neighboring Arizona, which has the highest rate in the country.

The state’s theft rate in 2017 was 1,731.