Costco has some pretty strict rules when it comes to car rentals.

The company will not give out a car to anyone without a valid reason, and it won’t rent cars to customers who have been convicted of a felony.

But the rules are also very flexible.

In fact, the company has set up an online “car rental service” called “Carnival.”

When you sign up, you’ll get an email from a representative at the company that will allow you to view the rental agreements, which are written in Spanish.

Here are some of the more important terms: If you rent a car for the first time, you need to get a permit from the local police.

(If you rent through an independent company, you must get the permit.)

You can’t rent a vehicle for more than 12 hours a day, and the permit must be renewed each time you leave the vehicle.

(You can’t change your permit.)

If you have been arrested, you can’t drive a vehicle until the end of your stay in the country.

The permit is good for 90 days, and you can use it for all of your rentals, even if you move out of the country for work or other business.

If you’re driving, you may be fined $250.

If your rental vehicle is stolen, the owner must return the vehicle within 60 days.

If the car is damaged, you’re liable for the repair.

(Some rental companies won’t pay for repairs if you have an outstanding loan on the car.)

If your car rental agreement is violated, you won’t be reimbursed for the damage.

You can only use the service for one rental at a time.

You must get a copy of the rental agreement before you book the car.

You’ll also need to give your credit card information, which is the company’s way of letting you know when you’re paying.

You won’t get a refund if you cancel the car rental before the end the agreement.

If that happens, you will not get a new car for your rent.

And you can only book up to three rentals a month.

Costco says the service is “free” to anyone who signed up, so you don’t have to pay a fee to use it.

Costco has set a $1,000 deposit as a minimum.

If it’s a $50,000 car rental and you have $50 or more in debt, you might want to consider getting a refund.

Costco also has a new “car-rental” app called Carnival, which lets you rent cars for as little as $1 per hour.

Carnival is the only car-renting service that lets you cancel your reservation and have it replaced.

If, however, you’ve paid the deposit, you don,t have to come back to Costco and renew it.

And the app has a $100 fee if you use it to cancel the rental. says Carnival allows people to “rent the car you’ve been waiting for.”

However, the app doesn’t say exactly how long it will last, and some customers may be waiting longer than a year.

You will be charged the full rental fee for your first rental.

For every rental after that, you pay a $150 processing fee.

It takes about 10 days to cancel and reinstate your rental.

Costco offers a number of other rental services.

Its own “car room rental” is $50 per day for a couple.

You get a $20 per day refund if your car is stolen.

The app is free, but there is a $250 fee if the rental is canceled.

Costco charges a $10 per hour “vehicle rental” fee for its cars.

It says you can get a car from anywhere in the United States, and that the cost is only for the vehicle you rent.

You also have to buy a new vehicle each month.

(Most of the time, the car costs less than $5,000.)

The app has some additional restrictions.

If a rental car has been stolen, you have to get the car back within 24 hours.

If there’s damage to the car, you are liable for that damage.

If someone uses the app to cancel a rental, you still have to return the car to the company.

You may also have trouble renting the car if your credit is low.

The app lets you choose whether to pay with a credit card or cash.

If both are available, you just get a credit check and the bill is due in 30 days.

Costco will pay the credit card, which costs $25 for the card and $50 for a cash advance.

(Payments over $100 are processed by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.)

Costco also offers a car-share service called Car Share.

If renting a car, it costs $30 per day, but the cost can go up to $200 per day if you add a car. The car