A couple with a large number of cars might decide to rent a vehicle to get around, but the city’s rental car market has become very competitive.

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The city has just approved the first new vehicle rental company since it was created in 2015.

The new rental company, Carshare, is a rental company that allows drivers to rent vehicles for a number of different reasons.

They can rent a car for personal use, or for family and friends to use in their spare time.

The cars can be driven from anywhere in the city.

And they can be rented out for as little as $50 per day.

In order to get a rental, drivers need to have a car insurance policy, a driver’s licence, and an inspection certificate.

In exchange, they’ll receive a discount on the vehicle’s value.

The rental company will also cover the rental fee, if any.

The car rental industry has been in turmoil since 2016, when Toronto’s mayor and other councillors voted to impose a new licensing and inspection regime for the industry.

The rules have been called unfair to both drivers and car rental companies.

A year later, the city repealed its licensing regime and reinstated the system that was in place at the time of the previous licensing regime.

The change allowed drivers to get vehicles without having to have insurance and inspection certificates.

It also eliminated the rental car program that allowed people to rent cars in Toronto.

A review of the city of Toronto’s rental vehicle licensing regime found that the rental companies had not done enough to improve safety and the safety of the drivers, according to a report by the city auditor.

A spokesperson for TPS said the city will “continue to work with all parties to ensure we can continue to deliver a safe environment for all parties.” “

So in the interest of transparency, we’re going to start the process of bringing this into compliance,” said TPS spokesperson Matt Stokes.

A spokesperson for TPS said the city will “continue to work with all parties to ensure we can continue to deliver a safe environment for all parties.”

A spokesperson from Carshare said they were not aware of the audit report, and declined to comment further.

The mayor’s office said that the city is “reviewing the matter and will take further action.”

This isn’t the first time Toronto has faced challenges with the rental sector.

In 2014, Toronto instituted a licensing scheme that was designed to ensure a safe, safe and safe environment.

But the city was not able to enforce it in practice, according the audit.

It was only implemented after the audit, and the city failed to provide drivers with sufficient information.

In 2016, the City of Toronto was unable to enforce the licensing scheme.

A City of Hamilton audit in 2018 found that it took seven years for the city to implement a licensing regime that ensured safe, healthy, and safe neighbourhoods.

The audit also found that in the first five years, the licensing regime was not implemented properly, with the city failing to issue a license to anyone who did not have an insurance policy and required a licence to rent or lease a vehicle.

The report found that licensing and inspections were not in place for some rental companies in the City.

Toronto’s licensing scheme has been under review since 2018.

A city spokesperson told CBC News that the review is underway and will be complete in the spring.

“We have heard from many stakeholders,” said spokesperson Matt Steiner.

“One thing we have heard is that a licensing and licensing system needs to be in place so that there is a uniform system across the city that is not inconsistent with other jurisdictions in the world.”