Canada’s top car rental service,, has released a new ranking of the country’s top 10 car rental companies.

The company, which has been based in Canada for more than 20 years, said the list is compiled by comparing the rental fees and benefits of its cars.

“Car rental can be expensive in Canada,” said the company’s president and CEO, Robert O’Leary.

“We’re looking to provide the best service, the best price and the best quality.”

The top ten companies are:Amarillo, CA: $3,958 for a standard SUV or a hatchback with a 6-foot-wide trunk; $4,847 for a large SUV with a 3-foot liftgate; $5,811 for a sport utility vehicle with a 1.8-foot trunk; and $7,903 for a compact SUV with the optional 8-foot cargo floor.

Newmarket, Ontario: $2,964 for a sedan with a 5-foot tall cargo shelf; $3.1 million for a midsize SUV with cargo shelves; $7.3 million for an SUV with 1-foot drop-outs and 4-foot height drop-out; $6.8 million for four-door pickups; and a small SUV with an optional 5-inch drop-off.

Vancouver, British Columbia: $5.2 million for standard SUV with 4-inch cargo shelf, $4.5 million for hatchback SUV, $3 million in hatchback and hatchback wagon with cargo shelf.

Winnipeg, Manitoba: $6,000 for a two-door compact SUV; $9,857 for a four-wheel drive pickup; $12,300 for a small pickup with a 4-door cargo bay.

Edmonton, Alberta: $7 million for SUV with 2-foot foldout trunk and 4.5-foot bed; $8,000 in pickup with 2.5 feet foldout, 2.2 feet dropout, and 1-inch bed; and an optional 4-wheel-drive vehicle with 2 feet fold-out.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: $4 million for pickup with 1.5 foot foldout and 1.75-foot load; $11.6 million for compact SUV, with 2 foot fold-outs, and 3.5 inches dropout; and SUV with 3-inch fold-up.

Brampton, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta : $3 and $4 for standard SUVs, hatchbacks, and sport utility vehicles; $2 and $3 for SUV, coupe, SUV with two doors, SUV sport utility, and SUV sport sedan; and 1,000-pound cargo.

Edina, Minnesota: $1,000 and $2 for standard sport utility; $1.5 and $1 for pickup; and 3- and 4 door SUV with rear cargo door.

Edinburg, Norway: $10,000 per pickup with an 8- and 10-foot folding bed; 2,500 and 4,000 pounds of cargo; and 2- and 3 wheel drive vehicles.

Somerville, Massachusetts: $25,000, $50,000 or $75,000 of standard SUV and pickup with cargo bay doors; and 4 or 5-door sport utility.

Brisbane, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, South Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand: $50 million per SUV, and up to $75 million per pickup.

Auckland, New York: $16 million for two- and three-door pickup; up to 10- and 12-foot pickup; 2.4 and 3 feet foldouts; and optional 3- or 4- wheel drive vehicle with 1 foot drop-in.

Bristol, UK: $21 million for sedan with 4.8 feet of cargo shelf and up 2.6 feet drop-offs; $24 million for sport utility with 2 or 3-wheel drives; and up 4.7 feet of fold-down cargo.

Nashua, New Hampshire: $27 million for small SUV; up 4 inches fold-downs; up 2 feet dropouts; up 3.6 inches of cargo floor; and the option of a 4.3-foot hitch.

Charlotte, North Carolina: $8 million per vehicle; up 8 inches of foldouts and 2 feet of drop-ins; up 6.7 inches of the cargo floor and optional 1- or 2-inch-thick drop-down door.

Ottawa, Ontario, and Victoria, British Canada: $12 million per truck and SUV; and 7.5 or 8.5 cars and trucks.