With a $2,000 discount on the $2.8 million purchase price, the car rental giant has already given away over $4 million to the community of St. Louis for its partnership with the Saints, the city and the NFL.

And the company has a plan for what it plans to do next.

It will be more focused on the fans, the company said.

And it wants to make sure there are enough people coming to support the team in order to have a positive impact on the community.

And I think that’s what the community has been asking for.

And the Saints fans are going to continue to be part of the conversation.

“The Saints announced the $1.4 million in sponsorship money on Sunday after the team signed a six-year contract with the luxury car rental company.

The deal was announced Monday, and the Saints were expected to announce the other $1 million Tuesday.

The Saints are on the verge of announcing a new stadium in downtown St. Charles for the 2020 season, and have not ruled out a stadium in nearby St. Joseph.