A new car rental site will launch in Seoul, South Korea in October.

CarRentAway, which will provide rental car services in South Korean cities, says it will focus on the popular car rental industry and cater to car owners who may be unfamiliar with the industry.

Car rental is a popular travel option for many South Koreans and is increasingly popular with the elderly.

Car RentalAway aims to cater to the needs of car rental customers, who may have limited financial resources.

Car rentals are generally more expensive than car rentals for the elderly, with a typical price tag of $739 for a car rental in Seoul alone, according to the Korea Association for Car Rental, which oversees the industry in South Korea.

But a car service in South Koreas is not cheap, with the average cost for a single car rental across the country currently running between $4,000 and $5,000.

A recent study by the Seoul Metropolitan Government found that only one in 10 elderly South Koreans are able to afford a car.

South Korean consumers are also expected to be more willing to pay for a service like CarRent, since the country is known for its generous tax breaks for car owners.

“We are looking for the most affluent people who want a reliable service and car rental.

And we are looking to offer them a car,” CEO Lee Kwang-young said in a statement.

The new service will focus mainly on the Korean auto industry and be one of the first Korean companies to offer such a service.

Car RentAgo will operate out of a car dealership in Seoul’s Kia dealership district.

Car RentAway will also offer car rentals to Korean car owners, who are typically on the waiting list for car rental services.

Car leasing services can be very expensive, especially in South Asia, and are often a last resort for car rentals.

South Korea’s median monthly car rental price is around $1,300, according the Seoul Municipal Government, and an average rental costs $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the car.

For comparison, in the United States, an average car rental costs around $11,000 a year.