Car rental website car rental,renamed car,has been listed as the second most popular car rental website in Brazil, according to a new survey by the online portal.

The survey was conducted on May 18 and 19.

According to the results of the survey, car rental sites Car2Go, and have surpassed Car2 Rentals, which was ranked as the top car rental app in Brazil by The Times.

The other top rated car rental apps in Brazil are the app-based rental platform Rentafel, car-sharing platform Car2pool and the local car rental platform Carvao.

The study showed that Car2go and Carvaos are ranked as Brazil’s most popular, with a combined users of over 100 million people.

The site Car2rentals is one of the most popular Car2 rental apps, with over 2.6 million monthly users and over 10 million monthly members, according the survey.

The online portal also announced that it has expanded its Car2 Go car-pooling service.

The service has been launched in Brazil and will offer Car2 members a way to join Car2GO carspooling, which allows users to join a carpool and share the costs of the carpool, among other benefits.

According the survey results, the Car2 app has the largest userbase in Brazil with over 200 million users.

The car-rental portal has more than 80 million users and offers car-share services in various countries around the world.

The company also said it is working to expand its mobile app in the future. was one of Car2’s fastest growing companies in Brazil.

The app had a combined userbase of over 7 million users in February 2017, according a recent survey by Car2o.

The website was one the fastest growing businesses in the country in the first quarter of 2017.

Car-renting website Car2H has more users than the Car4H and Car5H app stores in Brazil in the same period.

The online portal has over 10.7 million monthly active users and 8.5 million monthly monthly members.

Carvaro, the app that offers car rental services in the UK, India and Australia, has a combined monthly active userbase between over 3 million and 6 million users, according its website.

The UK app-free rental portal Carvapay is one the top rental websites in India with over 1.7 Million monthly active members.

The Carvay app is available in more than 20 countries and in over 150 cities.

The survey showed that the Carvio and Caravan app-only car rental portals are the most visited rental websites worldwide in terms of daily users, with an average daily visitors of around 30,000.

The two apps are ranked number one in Brazil among Car2 users. is ranked number 10 in Brazil according to the survey by TheTimes of India.

The portal is also one of Brazil’s top car-fresno rental sites.

The popularity of the company is attributed to its unique car rental service.

With over 4,000 cars to choose from, Carrental is the number one rental site in Brazil for car rentals.

The rental company operates more than 10 car rental and car sharing car rental companies across the country, according has more members than the second largest Car2 group and is ranked as one of three largest Car-frares groups.