CARRINGTON, S.C. — Car rental companies in Charleston and Montgomery, South Carolina, say customers who rent cars there can’t book the vehicles for their own use.

“I am not aware of any such car rental company that has any type of policy regarding our cars,” said Mike Laughlin, who runs the company’s office in the city of Charleston.

“It is very common for us to use cars that are not ours.

If we are using them for an emergency, we are always making sure we use the proper keys,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Montgomery County sheriff’s office confirmed that the sheriff’s deputies there have a policy that prohibits deputies from renting their vehicles.

“The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is aware of this issue and has been working with local law enforcement agencies to address it,” said a department spokesperson.

The spokesperson also confirmed that deputies in Montgomery County can’t rent cars in South Carolina for their deputies.

South Carolina’s law says no county can require a county employee to rent a car for personal use.

The law says that if a person rents a car in a county, the vehicle must be used for the employee’s own personal use, and the county cannot require the employee to pay any fees to use the vehicle.

“We do not have any type or type of policies regarding vehicles rented by Montgomery County employees, but it’s a violation of the law for county employees to rent out vehicles in the county,” said the spokesperson.