Car rental bars in the barbadas are in a state of panic.

The bar is in a zone where the bar owners cannot sell any cars, but that doesn’t mean the owners can’t lease them.

The police are on the case.

Police said that the car rental area in Barbadas Barra de las Marias is being guarded by security guards and armed police.

The area was closed for security reasons, but the owners of the barber shop said that they have to get new cars.

The shop owners, who have lived in Barra for 25 years, said that after the bar barbecues are closed, they will have to rent cars again.

The owner of the shop, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they have only three cars left.

The security guards told the owners that the bar is closed, but they cannot get a permit to do so.

They said that when they tried to get the permits, they were denied, according to the report.

The owners said that in the past year, they have rented cars to a group of people from the United States.

The group rented the cars at a rate of €2,000 a day.

The car rental company is offering the cars for €1,000, but it costs the owners a great deal of money, because of the time they need to wait.

The people who rented the vehicles say that the cars have been in the shop for more than 20 years, and they will be forced to pay €1 a day until the car is paid for.

A car rental shop in Barre, Spain, in 2017.

The Barre Barrenta de la Barra, a bar on Barre Avenue, is closed due to the closure of the Barrentas Barras bar and the barbers shop.

It is not clear if the car lease business is also closed.

A police officer stands guard outside a barrenta in Barri, Spain in 2017, in front of Barra Barra in Barras.

Police officers from Barras Barra are seen inside a bar where barrentas is being closed due a car rental business.

The restaurant is still open and has an additional security guard.

The Carrentas bar is a place where people can sit down and enjoy drinks in a quiet environment.

They are not allowed to park cars in the parking lot.

The situation is becoming increasingly precarious for Barrentans Barra barrentos.

The bar has a car park with two spaces, but not the number of cars needed to cover the parking spaces.

The manager of the car leasing business told the Barra-Barra newspaper that the number is now limited.

“We are doing our best to accommodate the customers’ demands, but we are also very aware of the situation,” the manager, who asked to remain unnamed, told the newspaper.

Barrentas police spokesman Juan Carlos Ceballos said that Barras police have received complaints about the security guard, who has refused to stop when asked.